7 lipca 2022   /   byMartyna  / Categories :  Projekty

A visual poem about two young people who, after a long separation, try to start their love story from the beginning.
A story about the inability to convey the truth of your feelings to another person, exposing the eternal longing of artists for full expression through art. The film was shot in the post-apocalyptic landscapes of Fuerteventura,
suspended beyond time and space. Its open form and the metaphor of an unsuccessful etude allow the final interpenetration of the created world with the documentary world. Formally inspired by Godard’s autothematic cinema and Konwicki’s Last Day of Summer.

Directed by: Martyna Majewska
Written by: Martyna Majewska
Photography by: Konrad Śniady
Music by: Dawid Majewski
Edited by: Michał Poddębniak
Costume design by: Martyna Majewska
Sound by: Szymon Straburzyński
Production manager: Dorota Schleiss
Cast: Aleksander Kaleta, Tamara Romera Ginés
Producers: Dorota Schleiss, Martyna Majewska, Konrad Śniady
Produced by: ASF Studio sp. z o.o.