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Deeply disillusioned with the world, a young boy decides to cut himself off from reality and moves to a small island in a lake. He gives up everything he has ever known. He is tired and genuinely uninterested in his own family, education, religion, Internet and their conventional institutions. His youthful, romantic desire for rebellion and wild freedom provokes strong reactions from those around him and uneasy confrontations. The main plot question is: will the outside world force the protagonist to leave the island? Seemingly light-hearted and detached, the story ultimately asks the most difficult questions about the nature of human relationships.

Directed by: Martyna Majewska
Written by: Martyna Majewska
Photography by: Konrad Śniady
Music by: Dawid Majewski
Edited by: Marta Kunach
Production design by: Joanna Hrisulidu
Costume design by: Katarzyna Wsół
Sound by: Michał Matusz, Szymon Straburzyński
Production manager: Dorota Schleiss
Cast: Aleksander Kaleta, Magda Skiba, Małgorzata Urbańska,
Bogdan Grzeszczak, Paweł Palcat, Paweł Wolak
Producers: Jacek Głomb, Dorota Schleiss
Produced by: Teatr im. Heleny Modrzejewskiej w Legnicy,
Distribution in Poland: ASF Studio sp. z o.o.